Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shop Till You Drop

Let us ask ourselves these questions. What are your spending habits? Are any of these reasons keeping you from getting ahead and keeping you in debt? If so, you will want to work towards breaking those habits. Spending habits can be changed. You need to identify the spending leaks that give you immediate pleasure or satisfaction. Then substitute desirable spending behaviors that will help you reach your financial goals.

Some practical tips to control spending:

• Avoid exposing yourself to things that tempt you to spend. Stay away from stores, except when you have something you absolutely need to buy. Make a list and stick to it when shopping and then leave the store. Just browsing can lead to buying.

• Plan your shopping. Go with a purpose in mind. Use that list! Extras you don’t really need can certainly push up the total at the cash register.

• Limit your number of trips to the mall or restaurants. It is so tempting to eat or buy food outside even if we know that there are food prepared at home.

• Don’t shop in a weakened condition. By shopping when hungry, tired or depressed, you may find yourself overspending.

Remember for things to change we have to change.
Change our habits and we change our lifestyle.
Change our lifestyle and we change our destiny.

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