Monday, January 14, 2008

Are You As Hungry Like a Wolf?

Wolf are one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom, but one problem the wolf have is they cannot seem to be satisfied. They practice what they call as "Surplus Killing." It is defined as as the killing of several prey animals too numerous to eat at one sitting. Wolves sometimes only eat a part of their surplus-killed prey, like the tail or the internal organs. They always hunger for more!

One day, a wolf saw a blood Popsicle, a ball of ice dipped in his favorite seal blood. He was very intelligent and knew that such things can be risky and dangerous for his life but he went on and started licking it. “What a taste! I am enjoying it!”. He felt as if he is so involved it in and enjoying it thoroughly. Time was just passing by and he kept licking until he was already licking the knife. But he was feeling a little weak as if his energy was going away but he kept licking. His vision was dimming a bit but he kept licking because he cannot satisfy his pleasure. Now he couldn’t see much and he knew something went wrong and before he could decide to take a step back he fell and saw his tongue bleeding, he wanted to help himself but could not get up. Until he bled to death and died.

The problem with the wolf is greed.
Greed is one thing we have to protect ourselves from, particularly when it comes to money.
I’ve met a lot of people who, even after accumulating so much money, still want to have more.
This isn’t to say that accumulating money is wrong. But if we overdo it, then it is a different story.
We will be just like the wolf, hungry and thirsting for more. Without us being aware that our family time is
bleeding. Overdoing it is when accumulating money reaches the point of destroying relationships with families and friends.

It does not necessarily mean that rich people are greedy and poor people are not.
It is not dependent on any social status of society.
Actually, people who are rich and people who are poor are similar in some manners.
Why? It is because both can say the same thing.
People who are rich says, “I want more. I must have more.”
On the other hand, people who are poor says, “I don’t have enough. This isn’t yet enough.”
But on the same token, people who are poor, after making some money, can also say, “I want more. I must have more.”
People who are rich, after making lots of money, can say, “I don’t have enough. This isn’t yet enough.”
Both crave to get more.

Whether a person is rich and has lots of money or he is poor and doesn’t have enough, his feelings are the same. Why? Because both greed and poverty say the same thing. This is a heart issue. Greed is not just a state of mind. When being put to the test, money will just reveal what’s inside the heart in the first place.

Let us be wise and learn from the mistakes of the wolf.
Learning how to spot an opportunity is not enough.
Learning to say no at times if it will take so much time away from your family.
Learning to be content with what you have and not wanting for more.
Learning to say I have more than enough, this is only what I need.

At the end of the day, how much money does a person need to make in order to get by?
Be wise! Be thankful! Be grateful!

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