Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Business is business. You cannot mix God and business. Have you ever heard this familiar lines?

Well, if you pray. If you ask God for protection and financial blessings. If you do. You’ve got to read further. Whatever your belief and your faith maybe, if you pray and ask for Gods blessings, you have just involved and put God in the picture of your business.

You can never separate God and business. The only time you can say you are a self- made man if you do not ask and involve God in what you do.
Unfortunately, most of the people I have met have acknowledged once in their life they have prayed and asked God to bless their business specially in their dark and difficult times.

If you want to know how to invoke and involve God into what you are doing, whether you are a professional or your in business, this book is definitely for you. Watch out for the release of my upcoming book “Rich God, Poor God” Why God Wants You To Prosper. Know the keys on how to unlock God’s blessing. Learn how to partner with God in everything you do. Invoke God’s power and blessing over your life and your business.

This book will be released the end of June, please stay tune on this page for my book launch. Hope to see you there!

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