Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have already released 2 books in my career as an author. The first book was "Till Debt Do Us Part" and the second one was "For Richer and For Poorer." The first books talks about the practical ways on how to SAVE, BUDGET, GET OUT OF DEBT, INVEST AND PREPARE FOR RETIREMENT. The second book talks about the ATTITUDE and the MINDSET of the RICH and the POOR, what separates the RICH and the POOR. This book will reveal the SECRETS OF RICH PEOPLE THINKING.

After this 2 books, I just felt it is time for me to take a break to write something that is different but still close to my heart. The topic indeed will still be about MONEY. It has been my life long passion and dream to see people to become FINANCIALLY LITERATE AND TO BECOME DEBT FREE. Since I have written the PRACTICAL side of money, allow me to present to you the SPIRITUAL side of money. This coming July, I will be releasing my 1st book on finances according to GOD'S PERSPECTIVE ON PROSPERITY entitled "Rich God, Poor God."

What is this book all about?
This book will reveal to you the principles and the secrets on how to unlock the key to God's blessing and riches.
This will help you understand why your prayers has not yet been answered.
And it will also present to you the process on how to be blessed by God through his glorious riches.

Who should read this book?
To all people who pray to God for blessings and ask for answered prayers.
Whether you are a Christian, Catholic, INC, Mormon etc. If you believe that God is your source and pray for His blessings, this book is for you!
The teachings of this book are based on the principles of God's word not according to any church denominations.
God's principles transcends the wall of churches and denominations.
It does'nt matter what church or affiliations you belong to, as long as you believe in God's word and God is the source of your blessing, this book is DEFINITELY for you.

Please read the continuation of this blog to know more about the chapters and contents.

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