Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It has been a life long prayer for every person who loves God to be blessed by God. Praying for one's need is a norm but some want to be blessed tremendously in order to become a blessing to others. If you want to know why God want to prosper you. You got to have this book.

These are some of the comments for my new book.

What church leaders have to say about the book “Rich God, Poor God.”

“Chinkee writes from the heart and his experience with the generosity of our heavenly Father. God is indeed rich. It is not a theory or speculation. This book is grounded on Biblical principle and supported by the author’s life experience. You will be blessed as you read it.”
Peter Tan-chi
Founder & Senior Pastor of Christ Commission Fellowship

“Beyond being a crass step-by-step guide on how to be “rich quick”, this book delves on wealth’s raison d’etre , elevating our so-easy-to-be-cheapened quest for riches beyond acceptability into respectability into noble mission. Internalizing the essence of this book, no one has to ever apologize ever again for wanting to be rich.”
Ed Lapiz

"If you want to know the truth about God's desire to bless you financially and break the wrong mental attitudes, disposition, inclination, habits about money in your life, then this book is for you. Chinkee takes you on a journey of victory and reveals the truth on why God truly wants to prosper you."
Peter Kairuz (TV Host / CBN ASIA 700 Club )



Lamia said...

Can't wait for your new book po Mr.Chinkee. I loved your Till Debt Do Us Part book!

Chinkee Tan said...

ty v m Lamia for dropping by

PCBS-Robinsons Imus said...

WOW! Nice to hear for the coming of your new book. I have finished reading "Till Debt Do Us Part" and shared it with my office mates during our devotion at a Micro finance Company, then... still reading "For Richer & For Poorer"... i love your books.

Hope I could tie-up with you for a seminar here in Cavite.

God bless you!

Chinkee Tan said...

to pcbs robinson please email me if you want us to do an event

Lamia said...

I tried searching the National Bookstore nearby but didn't see the book. I guess I should've asked hehehe. Anyway sir, I must be crazy to ask you this... I don't have that much audience but if you're interested I can promo a few copies of you book at my blog www.everypesocounts.com if you got a few copies to spare.

~Tim (please excuse my online nick)


I have a copy of all your books and I have heard one your preaches here in Full Gospel CHurch in Iloilo City... I have always been inspired by your writings and that I am thankful that God uses you to bless other people. Thank you for being such an inspiration specially to young adults like me who desire to be acknowledge as the "daughter of the KING." Keep your books coming :) GOd bless!